Our Core Competencies & Capabilities

Carmen R. Laboy, Inc., dba Builder Services Company, is a well-qualified NCTRCA W/M/DBE and HUB certified company located in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in hardscapes and erosion control applications with an emphasis on large scope, technical retaining walls and paver projects. Currently, we have installed over 6 million square feet of retaining walls and pavers. We possess the Experience, Equipment and Manpower to complete all projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

Not only do we have OSHA Operator and Occupational/Safety Certifications, but we also have incorporated our own specialized safety program. To ensure this level of safety, this program is independently and annually inspected. We conduct weekly safety meetings and provide a hazardous communication manual for each project. We possess general liability, commercial auto, workers compensation and the ability to bond projects.

We are certified through National Concrete Masonry Association in Segmental Retaining Walls and Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute along with many other certifications.

Our estimating department can provide you with:

  1.  A Competitive Proposal to Meet Your Deadline

  2.  Ability to Review Drawings to Offer V.E. Solutions

Please add us to your database and notify us of any project.

Retaining Walls

  • Segmental Block

  • Natural Stone

  • MSE/Panel

  • Big Block

  • Cross Ties

  • Landscape Timbers

  • Wire/Geo-Fabric Face

  • Detention Pond

  • Temporary Shoring

Erosion Control - Soft Armor

  • Blankets

  • Bonded Matrix

  • Construction Entrances

  • Hydo Seeding/ Mulching

  • Rock Check Dams

  • Seeding

  • Silt Fencing

  • Straw Blowing

  • Straw Wattles

  • Sweeping

  • Watering


  • Backfill

  • Final

  • Geotechnical Testing

  • Grave

  • Placement Compaction

  • Rough Grade

Interlocking Pavers

  • Clay

  • Concrete

  • Granite

  • Stone

  • Sand Installation

  • Subbase Installation

Erosion Control - Hard Armor

  • A Jacks

  • Articulating Concrete Units

  • Concrete Revetment Systems

  • Gabion Mattress/Baskets

  • Hydro Pave

  • Rip Rap (rock) Structures

  • Grass Pavers

  • Gravel Pavers

Site Furnishings

  • Synthetic Turf/Grass

  • Limestone Benches

  • Bollards

  • Stabilized Decomposed Granite

Drainage Systems

  • Area Drains

  • Drain Tiles

  • French Drains


  • Brick Veneer

  • Cast Concrete Retaining Walls

  • Cast Stone

Soil Nailing

  • Grouted Anchors

  • Helical Anchors

  • Manta Ray Anchors

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