Dallas Records Building

Historic Downtown Dallas, Dealey Plaza

  • Large format face mix Pavestone pavers with a high-end finish 

    • Various dimensions; 6x18, 9x18, 18x18 ​

    • Polymeric Sand Joints​

  • Technical layout 

  • Overcame several unforeseen site conditions 

  • Installed integral colored concrete sidewalk bands

  • Procured material in live-traffic area of Downtown, as well as executed hardscape installation in small, condensed work area. 

  • Specialty edge restraint: concrete set soldier border coarse paver


Village Town Center

Dallas, TX

  • Installed varying sizes of Pavestone concrete pavers

    • 3x18 shop blasted 'Verona' Series ​

    • 6x9 'City Stone' series in OAKS blend and Charcoal

    • 4x8 'Holland' series River Red 'No Parking' fireplace pavers every 25 feet as to city regulation ​

    • Polymeric Sand Joints

  • Installed large format City Stone 'Lafitte Grana' pavers in Lueders Grey  ​

  • Specialty paver edge restraint consisting of galvanized stainless steel 

  • Procured and installed 24 inch depth of entire site, utilizing thousands of truckloads of 1 inch angular aggregate on top of an underground parking structure to be utilized as a drainage tile 

  • Installed oversized Oklahoma Flagstone in mortar-set mosaic pattern 

  • Subgrade for Synthetic Turf #57 stone with fines

  • Installed Synthetic Turf in various applications throughout site: event lawn, roof top, fitness center athletic training area, and other common areas.


Atelier Tower Residences

Downtown Dallas, TX

atelier pool 2.jpg
  • Provided CAD design cut tickets and procured ground-level exterior granite stone from China;

    • Granite pavers, granite wheel stops, granite steps​

    • Installed on a 1-3" poly modified mortar set with grouted joints in 2 colors 

  • Unilock ADA truncated dome square pavers in charcoal

  • Installed 24x24 Mirage Quartzite 2.0 Porcelain Pedestal pavers up to 24 inches in height with wind uplift system on 11th floor amenity deck

    • Mortar set plantar porcelain pavers in 2 colors 

  • Expert on-site material handling in transporting materials to 11th floor amenity deck